Your Proactive and Holistic Partners

At Taylor Proactive Team we provide a "Wider Focus" - working with a "different lens" compared to most other CPAs.

We put more emphasis on "Looking Forward" - more Proactive - more Holistic - more Comprehensive

We help to Educate our clients and Maximize their Potential to grow your business and pay the least amount of taxes legally possible, through Proactive Tax, Advisory Services & Financial Planning

Meet Our Team

Meet the Owner

Merrill Taylor – Owner of Taylor Proactive Team

Proactive Planning Team

Your local “eyes and ears” to help you focus on planning priorities and identify opportunities.

Virtual Family Office

Your national experts that provide the “best of the best” in tax planning, legal, risk mitigation, wealth management, and business advisory services.

Hear from Others Just Like You!

Combining Proactive Planning and the Virtual Family Office Experience.

We recognize that our best clients want PROACTIVE and HOLISTIC planning.

That is why at Taylor Tax we have upgraded to a 21st century business model based around HOLISTIC and PROACTIVE advice, and are supported by a Virtual Family Office of experts.

Maximizing Our Clients' Potential Through Proactive & Holistic Planning
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